Commercial and residential builders face numerous challenges in today’s volatile markets.  Fixing expenses from runaway pricing changes is a huge advantage.


You have products to build, people to schedule, raw materials to buy, deliveries to make, facilities and equipment to buy and maintain.

Health Care

You have patients to see, medical staff to schedule, medical supplies to buy, insurance companies to bill, facilities and equipment to buy and maintain.

Loan Companies

It is a very interesting fact that TNT Funding Associates works in concert with other loan companies on a daily basis.


Knowing your costs and knowing your schedule to receive funding is just one of the ways a builder, contractor or developer can relieve some of the stress added to getting the job done.


The largest single group of professionals in our Associates program are Realtors.  Realtors that specialize in every kind of commercial property ranging from Vacant Land to Large Scale Development and Industrial projects.

Just About Any Business With A Dream & A Plan!


Marinas face special challenges in the world of small business.  Customer Needs, Weather, Seasonal Schedules, Novice Boat Operators and all the challenges of being on the front lines of the intersection of land and water.

Small Business

Helping small businesses with their financing needs is what we do!  It really is that simple, if you are busy trying to run your small business and you need to arrange for financing we can help.

Commercial Real Estate – Fix N Flip

When the right opportunity presents, commercial real estate fix n flip loan could be just the right solution for you to make the acquisition, improve the property and have a successful and profitable exit.


Restaurants face special challenges in the world of small business.  Kitchens to supply and run, food purchasing, menus, staff scheduling and 1000 other items.


Retailers are the core of business. Retailers must predict the buying public’s future desires, acquire the right inventory, have the best possible staffing, handle both in-person as well as E-Commerce and 1000 other items.

Property Managers

When traditional loans are no longer an option or if you’re tired of wading through the mountains of paperwork involved in loan approval processing, you may want to consider a stated income commercial real estate loan.