Purchase Order Financing
Purchase Order Financing for Finished Goods/Presold Merchandise

Does your business deal in domestic production, imports or exports? Are you looking for problem-free financing options to help you purchase presold goods? Purchase order financing at TNT Funding Associates is the ideal capital source for resellers, wholesalers, producers and distributors. We help put an end to financial worries, allow you to pay your suppliers and let refocus on reaching the full potential of your business.

How Your Business Benefits from Purchase Order Financing Loans

The financial professionals at TNT Funding Associates are experienced in all aspects of finance for work in process including letters of credit for both domestic trade purchases and import/export transactions. Here are just a few ways a TNT Funding purchase order financing loan can help your business:

  • Provide fast, flexible funding
  • Enable market share expansion
  • Allow you to boost profits through fulfillment of large customer orders
  • Help grow your business without sacrificing equity or increasing bank debt
  • Facilitate timely deliveries to customers

Whether your cash flow is poor, you lack adequate access to capital or you’re just starting out, TNT Funding Associates can help get your business on track.

Let Us Help Your Business Succeed

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