Our Values

TNT Funding Associates LLC reached a conclusion during the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic that people need to be treated as people not as numbers.  Small businesses are just as important as Big Businesses if not more so.  The foundation of financial services, the big national banks, have forgotten that people and small business matter.  The team at TNT Funding Associates consists of small businesspersons who have just one set of values:

  • Honesty – tell the truth always!
  • Transparency – nothing is hidden-ever!
  • Ethics – Take care of the customer’s best interest first – always!
  • Under promise and over deliver – everytime!

We have committed ourselves and our company to learning about your needs and when possible provide a solution that will meet those needs.

Our Mission

At TNT Funding Associates LLC, our primary mission is to remove the impersonal service that has become the norm in modern financial matters.  Lending is first and foremost about helping people to accomplish their goals and dreams and it is our job to make this happen.

TNT Funding Associates LLC brings together all the necessary elements to provide a knowledgeable and experienced team to provide our customers and associates a practiced and ethical approach to matching client needs with lender solutions.  It is our mission to be a financial match-maker that will result in a positive relationship.

Our Associate-centric approach to the lending business means that we are focused on exploring the needs of our clients, our team and our lenders to provide a full-service solution that is mutually beneficial to everyone involved.

Every transaction and communication will be conducted based on our values of Honesty, Transparency and Ethical business practice.